About us

Welcome to the Center of fireworks “Khan”!

If you love bewitching shows — we are at your service! We put our whole soul into each firework and we are happy that can give you pleasure and make you feel the whole circulation of emotions.
If you are the person of politics or business — we will easily attract the attention of the whole city for you, and your business (career) will become more successful.
The Magnificence of fireworks is capable to unite tens and hundred thousand spectators. Today pyrotechnic show is an integral part of life of a modern city and the major attribute of corporate culture. Firework makes you exult from delight and feel fear of power and greatness of fire.
The Center of fireworks  “Khan” has been successfully working in the Russian pyrotechnic market since 1993. The love and recognition of spectators, numerous responses and successful performances of the company at the international festivals of fireworks in Europe testify it. In 2005 the team acted with pyromusical program “Kalinka” at the international festival of fireworks in Croatia, and then in the open championship of fireworks in Ustka, and got the highest award – “the Award of Publicity”.
For the Center of fireworks  “Khan” firework is a great art in the first place. The experience was well appreciated at Russian and international festivals, where “Khan” was a laureate and always got prizes.


Among them:

  • Winner — Cannes Fireworks Festival — GOLD VESTALE, 2014
  • Winner — Cannes Fireworks Festival — SILVER VESTALE, 2011
  • The Victory in nomination ”Virtuoso skill” at the All-Russia festival of fireworks in Moscow (2003),
  • The Award of publicity in the open championship in Poland, Ustka — 2005,
  • The Victory at the International festival of fireworks in Samobor (Croatia, 2005),
  • 2 place and the Award of publicity at the international festival “Fire — Color – Fantasy” (Germany, 2005),
  • 2 place in the fifth International contest-festival “Sztucznych Ogni” (Poland) 2006.


3a2ee2476aToday the Center of fireworks “KHAN” is the leader among Russian pyrotechnic companies which represent Russia on the International competitive displays of fireworks.
The company will represent Russia in the world championship in 2006 in Berlin, in the festival of fireworks in Italy!
The company pleases Russian and European spectators with bewitching and inimitable pyrotechnic shows.
The Center of fireworks  “Khan” created fiery enchanting spectacles on “Slavyanskiy Bazar” in Vitebsk, prepared pyrotechnic shows for the Vyborg film festival ”the Window to Europe” and celebrating of the 500 anniversary of Panevezhis (Lithuania), a gift for citizens of Kaliningrad — Grand-firework in honor of the 750 anniversary of the city — and it is far not all.


Long-term international cooperation focuses the company on the experience of modern Europe and its technological innovations. This is the most important difference between Fireworks Center “Khan” and other Russian companies.
“Khan” is the only company in Russia, which uses the most modern equipment (“Pyrodigit”) to perform huge musical fireworks and special effects inside buildings.

The company constantly gets orders from Kaliningrad region government, cultural and art organizations, Russian and regional business authorities.
Pride of the fireworks center “Khan” is the trust of our largest customers:
Kaliningrad city administration
The Kaliningrad House of arts

  • «Starfish» Ltd.
  • «BaltAutoTrade» — the official BMW dealer
  • «Lukoil» Ltd.
  • «Alfa-bank» plc.
  • «MTS» plc.
  • “WestBaltTelecom” private Joint-Stock Company and many others

Contact Us:

  •  Adress: 236022, Russia, Kaliningrad city, ul. Gen. Ozerova 17 — «B», office 713.
  • Phone: +7 4012 303444
  • Fax: +7 4012 303 535
  • e-mail: fireworks.khan@gmail.com